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Silver Lake Estates Community Rules & Regulations

The owner of Silver Lake Estates (referred to as the "Community" in these Rules), intends to maintain and operate this Community as an outstanding residential community. It is the purpose and intent of these Rules and Regulations to promote the character of the Community as a peaceful, attractive and enjoyable community for all residents, and to promote order, safety, and harmony in the Community, as well as setting forth the terms of the lot tenancy for each resident. The Community’s management ("Management") strives to provide prompt and efficient service and to ensure all residents with an enjoyable lifestyle in quality surroundings.

Many of these rules and regulations are common rules of etiquette designed to make the community more enjoyable for all residents, and to promote each resident’s consideration of neighbors in the Community. Management hopes that tenants will take pride in the appearance of the Community and of their homes and lots, and will maintain them accordingly. Being able to provide personal care and attention to each tenant’s lot is one of the many benefits of the unique lifestyle offered here at Silver Lake Estates.

Each person (or persons) renting a lot in the Community is referred to as the "tenant" in these bylaws. All of these rules and regulations apply equally to tenants, their household members, and to any guests, invitees or visitors. The tenant is responsible for any rule violations by any of these individuals.